10 Tips for the Perfect Proposal

Of course everyone is different so the most important thing about your proposal (asides from ensuring there's a Wilshi ring in that box) is to make sure the proposal is tailored specifically to your partner. To help you come up with an idea for your perfect proposal, we've pulled together a list of our ten top tips!

10 Tips for the Perfect Proposal

1. Make it romantic, if your partner is a traditionalist, perhaps a classic candle-lit dinner would best suit your proposal.

2. If you can, propose in the place you first met, or a place which is meaningful to your relationship, for added sentiment to the special moment.

3. Does your partner have any hobbies that they'd love their proposal be based around? This will make it fun, romantic and unique to your partner.

4. Take advantage of the great outdoors and propose somewhere with beautiful scenery.

5. The sand on your favourite beach doesn't need to be the only place where "will you marry me?" can be written, get creative and think of something special to you both.

6. An idea to have your special moment celebrated by those closest to you could be to propose at an intimate social gathering with a select few of you and your partner's favourite people.

7. If you think your partner wants a crowd, think of a big event or extravagant proposal where lots of people will watch and cheer.

8. Is quality time a key aspect of your relationship? An intimate proposal during a romantic getaway may be just the ticket.

9. Decide whether you want your proposal captured. Hiring a professional photographer or videographer means you can have the exact moment where you committed your life to each other to keep forever.

10. Our tenth tip, of course, is to propose with a Wilshi proposal ring so you can find or design your perfect engagement ring together.